About us
"Molodechno Plant of Ferroconcrete Items" JSC was founded in 1958 with initial capacity 30.0 thousands cubic meters of ferroconcrete items per year.

Beginning with 1970, due to expansion and technical reinforcement, annual productive capacity has reached the figure of 140 thousand cubic meters , and beginning with 90th years productive capacity decreased to 101,1 and 69,9 thousands cubic meters.

At present time annual productive capacity is 43,5 thousands cubic meters and is increasing from year to year.

The plant specializes in production ferroconcrete items and constructions which are used in building of social-cultural as well as agricultural objects. Besides, the plant produces items for industrial objects, housing, produces constructions of certain purposes. The main technological plant complex includes the main production building with reinforcing workshop, the concrete-mixing workshop, polygons and workshops, warehouses and the block of subsidiary services, stocks of finished products.