Molodechno Plant of Ferroconcrete Items

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Republican Unitarian Production Enterprise “Plant of Ferroconcrete Items” of the city of Molodechno was founded in 1958 with initial capacity 30.0 thousands cubic meters of ferroconcrete items per year. Beginning with 1970, due to expansion and technical reinforcement, annual productive capacity has reached the figure of 140 thousand cubic meters , and beginning with 90th years productive capacity decreased to 101,1 and 69,9 thousands cubic meters. At present time annual productive capacity is 43,5 thousands cubic meters and is increasing from year to year. The plant specializes in production ferroconcrete items and constructions which are used in building of social-cultural as well as agricultural objects. Besides, the plant produces items for industrial objects, housing, produces constructions of certain purposes. The main technological plant complex includes the main production building with reinforcing workshop, the concrete-mixing workshop, polygons and workshops, warehouses and the block of subsidiary services, stocks of finished products.


Our team

Stanislav Arkadievich Buka
tel./fax: +375 176 777812 +375 29 5775053

Office manager/ Inspector of Personnel Department
Nataliya Vasilievna Novitskaya
tel.: +375 176 770275 +375 29 5005265

Chief Engineer
Vladimir Ivanovich Maneshkin
tel./fax: +375 176 747352 +375 29 5775089

Deputy Director on Commercial Matters
Vladimir Timofeevich Nesterovich
tel./fax: +375 176 754933 +375 29 5005200

Head of Planning and Economic Office
Грибович Александр Валерьевич
tel.: +375 176 747380 +375 29 5029236

Chief Accountant
Luidmila Valentinovna Stankevich
tel.: +375 176 747364 +375 29 5005201

Deputy Chief Accountant
Сорокина Елена Николаевна
tel.: +375 176 747363 +375 29 5005205

Head of Marketing and Supply Department
Leokadiya Vatslavovna Buka
tel./fax: +375 176 747372 +375 29 5005225

Main expert of Marketing and Supply Department
Касперович Дмитрий Иванович
tel. +375 176 753804 +375 29 7781967

Chief Engineer of the Department of Combined Ferroconcrete
Yadviga Fleriyanovna Samsonova
tel.: +375 176 747351 +375 29 5082189

Head of Combined Ferroconcrete Department
Ясюкевич Галина Викентьевна
tel.: +375 176 747351 +375 29 6361435

Company Lawyer
Дубаневич Лариса Николаевна
tel.: +375 176 747380

Chief Power Engineering Specialist
Stanislav Konstantinovich Segai
tel.: +375 176 770933 +375 29 7662068

Chief Mechanical Engineer
Edvard Stanislavovich Maleiko
tel.: +375 176 770933 +375 29 7546743

Chief Process Engineer
Valentina Petrovna Avreitsevich
tel.: +375 176 770275 +375 29 5005217

Main Expert of Maintenance Supply Department /Company Lawyer
Evgeniy Yaroslavocih Grib
tel./fax: +375 176 771652 +375 29 5633202

Head of Maintenance Supply Department
Mariya Ivanovna Sorochinskaya
tel./fax: +375 176 771652 +375 29 5742303

Head of Quality Control Bureau
Elena Ivanovna Bohan
tel.: +375 176 747380 +375 29 5005188

Labor Protection Engineer
Lyudmila Efimovna Logvina
tel.: +375 176 777712 +375 29 5005206

Касперович Денис Викторович
tel.: +375 176 747380

Head of Concrete – mixing Section
Taisa Mihailovna Volovik
tel.: +375 176 777805

Head of Reinforcing Section
Lyudmila Mihailovna Vyal
tel.: +375 176 777805 +375 29 5005230

Head of Moulding (Forming) Section
Vladimir Pavlovich Kuchera
tel. +375 176 777805 +375 29 5502733

Head of Transport Section
Boris Vladimirovich Balakin
tel.: +375 176 752649 +375 29 2691100

Head of Canteen
Alla Nikolaevna Korovai
tel.: +375 176 747352 +375 29 8542864

About the plant

About Us in the press

New height.
The roads to the sky begin (start) in Molodechno.

The article by A. Rudkovskiy ( Narodnaya Gazeta)
26, February, 2010, Friday No. 36 (5199)

“Molodechno Plant of Ferroconcrete Items” JSC makes a great contribution into the development of country’s building sector. The enterprise works actively and stably. In the conditions of the world crisis the enterprise chooses such ways of development which give positive results.The enterprise has celebrated 50th anniversary recently. Keeping memories about the passed way, it lives thinking about present and future. Serious goals are set as an object. Last year in January

Though last year in January when the world crisis caused fall in production at many enterprises, our company on the contrary increased the level of its production. And this year Molodechno Plant of Ferroconcrete Items has been working with confidence. But, of course, to reach and keep such stable position required much efforts.

Director who is respected

Stanislav Buka has been working at the plant since 1983. First he was at the head of the workshop, then became the deputy director and in 1996 he headed the plant and managed to take the company out of bankruptcy. Nowadays the company is in good standing in the housing branch of the economy of Belarus. When Stanislav Arkadievich became the director, the plant produced only 14 thousand cubic meters of ferroconcrete, nowadays this number exceeds more than 41 thousand cubic meters.

Go forward, our train

In late 80th, when the USSR existed last years, the great reconstruction took place at the plant. But the moment was not successful – it was turning point of the epoch, economic confusion. The construction wasn’t completed. It was difficult time. The only soviet complex breakdown made a negative impact on the plant economy. Because the boundless lands of Soviet Union were the place of delivery for trains with ferroconcrete items.

The company couldn’t afford expensive energy resources. It had to rent a train in engine-house in Lida. This train was used as a steamer to produce steam for heating and steaming of ferroconcrete. After the rise in price for mazut happened, the boilers were installed and the plant started to use local kinds of fuel. The local kinds of fuel have been used by the company for technological needs for about ten years. Step by step, with confidence the company reached success in other lines of activity. It might be said that stableness and definite purposefulness of the staff and administration made it possible for the company to be afloat, to pay off all the debts and to start capital renewals.

Financial foundation (basis)

The main technological plant complex includes the production building with reinforcing workshop, the concrete-mixing workshop, polygons, warehouses and the block of subsidiary services, stocks of finished products. The company always renews its funds by means of its own funds and by means of innovation funds of the Ministry of architecture and housing of the Republic of Belarus.

The money from innovation fund was spent on equipment for producing the plates of cavitated flooring, at the cost of 1 milliard rubles, two spiral energy saving compressors of Belgium production, a dumping truck “MAZ” with lifting capacity 20 tons. By our own means in the amount of 900 million rubles the equipment for producing of ferroconcrete piles, crossbars, the set of forms for producing the foundation for columns, two new loaders “Amkodor” were bought. Nowadays the capital repairs of amenity rooms are carrying out. Thus, there is new equipment and good working conditions at the plant. As a result, the plant produces and realizes much production of different kinds.

Components of success

Besides road and airfield plates the plant specializes in producing frames for administrative buildings- columns and foundation for them, crossbars, diaphragms of hardness, three layer wall panels, ceiling cavitated plates with width 1.2 and 1.5 meters. Besides, among the production of our plant one can find fence plates and foundations, piles, belt foundations, wall blocks of basements, bulkheads, set of ferroconcrete items for dairy farms and heylage stock houses.

“The distinctive features of our plat, - remarks the director of “Molodechno Plant of Ferroconcrete Items” JSC Stanislav Buka, - are flexibility, the ability to find different ways of production realization and development, mobility and staff cohesion”. It is necessary to add to the words of the director who has been at the head of the company for 14 years that the plant deals with the production that is in high demand. For example, airfield plates are implemented not at the airfields only. Because of their easy assemblance (and if necessary dissemblance) they can be widely used. Recently 1500 plates have been delivered to Lithuania. In the port Klaipeda they will be laid under the grounds and later heavy trucks with containers will drive upon them. Also they are used for provision of necessary facilities for parking bays and workshops. By the way these airfield plates stood in good stead during Shklov Paper Factory construction.

Our enterprise takes active part in the realization of state programmes. So, many different components produced by our plant were used while building modern firms in Molodechno district, in Myadel district, in Volozhin and Vileyka districts. Also, a great number of different components were produced at our plant for farms in Lida, Svisloch, Smorgon and other districts.We can’t but mention our active participation in realization of housing programme. Our ceiling cavitated plates, piles for housing construction are especially in great demand. In the context of realization of the programme “Clean Water” our plant mastered the production of special crossbars. Among the other kinds of production it is necessary to mark ventilation blocks combined with diaphragms which are used for school construction.“For 2010 we have defined serious economic goals. And to reach these goals we have reliable technologies, cohesive staff and the wish to win” – marks the director of “Molodechno Plant of Ferroconcrete Items” JSC Stanislav Buka.

Cooperation proved by time

“PMK-212” JSC, “MPMK-198” JSC, “Novogrudok CMU” JSC, “Stroitel” JSC (Oshmyany and Gorki), “Smorgon MPMK-165” DE, “Lida PMK-170” DE, “MSPMK” UKE, “PMK-187” JSC, “Stroitel-197” JSC, “Building trust No. 3” UPTK JSC, “PMK-127” JSC- all these enterprises are considered to be our partners for more than 10 year. But this is only a small part of our permanent partners which values short terms of orders execution, high quality of the production and reasonable price.

It’s a fact that...

The average salary at our plant was 1 million ruble last year. Due to the fact that our enterprise works stably and with confidence it’s very difficult to get a job here and our employees value their place of work. Good specialists continue to work at the plant even after they are retired.

Have a good appetite!

The plant has got its own canteen where the food is cooked tastily. Moreover you can have dinner the cost of which will be extracted from your salary.



Partners and Clients

“Molodechno Plant of Ferroconcrete Items” JSC delivers goods to all regions of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to Russia and Baltic States. Our customers are : “Stevedore company “BEGA” CJSC, “KLASCO” (Klaipeda), “SANTAL COMPANY” Ltd. (Riga), “StoiSnab” CJSC (Great Novgorod), “Spektr-group” Ltd. (Kaliningrad)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What documents prove the quality of produced goods?
Management system of productive quality of concrete and ferroconcrete items and concrete mixtures is implemented at the plant, which meets the requirements of STB ICO 9001-2001 and is proved by certificate of conformance as well as the technical certificate.

What are the terms of goods shipment?
Provided there is required quantity of goods in the warehouse, the shipment takes place in the day of receiving the payment on the bank account of the plant. Otherwise the shipment is carried out according to the schedule agreed with the customer.

What means of transport are used for shipment?
The shipment of goods is carried out by means of the customer’s road transport and on his own account or by the railway transport with fare payments.

How can be the payment made?
Payment for the goods is to be effected in the way of 100% prepayment or in other terms agreed by the parties or by means of setoff of mutual claims in connection with the usage of goods (work, services) in one’s own production.